Soft, sloped, multi density foam cradles heels to reduce pressure and shearing in critical zones. High resilient foam is encapsulated in preset air chambers with air flow control. Each air and foam filled chamber communicates to create pressure redistribution.


* Immerses and envelops in order to redistribute pressure.
* As air, not foam, supports the majority of the load; the system is designed to last years.
* Top stretch cover is anti microbial, fluid resistant, and breathable.
* Individual cells communicate to evenly distribute the patient's pressure over the therapy zone.


Size of Fusion XC 80: 80" x 35" x 6", 80" x 42" x 6", 80" x 48" x 6"
Size of Fusion XC 84: 84" x 35" x 6" (This is a custom order. Cannot be returned. Order cannot be cancelled once placed).
Weight Limit of User: 35" 300lbs, 42" 350lbs, 48" 400lbs
Warranty: Mattress 12 month non-prorated warranty, cover 12 month limited warranty
MSRP: $2,205.00

U.S. Medicare Code: E0373 Group 2 Support Surface

E-Brochure:MOXI™ Non Powered FUSION XC Mattress Replacement System

E-User Manual:MOXI™ Non Powered FUSION XC Mattress Replacement System

* This item is only available through local medical equipment providers.

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Prius Healthcare USA (External site) if using private insurance or no insurance. (External site) if using medicare or medicaid insurance.

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