History of MOXI

As an American made therapeutic support manufacturer opening in January 1998; Aircare Therapy created its flagship product line - the Select Air "True Low Air Loss" mattress system. Considered by many in the medical field and countless customers, this mattress has earned the classification as a 'workhorse' of medical air mattresses.

Joining with the ROHO Group in 2002 brought the Aircare Therapy manufacturing team and employees to Belleville Illinois where they continued to proudly manufacture the Select Air series which included the Select Air MAX, Select Air Hybrid and Bari Select mattress replacement systems.

In 2009, MOXI Enterprises was created from the original Aircare Therapy team bringing the Select Air product line home to St Louis Missouri. It is here the Select Air series grew to include the Select Air Deluxe and gave life to the Fusion 1K, XC, 2K series. Along with the safety covers: Select Protect and Protect You 2, MOXI Enterprises continues to proudly build their products in the U.S.A. and offer products that are designed to last years.


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*** Contact your local medical equipment provider regarding purchasing MOXI manufactured and distributed products.