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Mattress: Designed for greater comfort and better circulation in addition to preventing or treating ailments related to extended bed rest.


Fall Prevention: A defined perimeter on the mattress promotes a safe bed environment without confining side rails.


SilverSeal® Wound Contact Products, made with X-STATIC® are flexible, sterile, non-adherent fabric dressings.

Powered Mattresses

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Low air loss mattress replacements used to prevent, treat, and manage pressure ulcers and pain management.

Non Powered Mattresses

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Mattress replacement using air, foam, or a combination to distribute pressure and reduce friction on the skin.


MOXI Enterprises

Image 4St Louis MO.

MOXI, an American made therapeutic support surface manufacturer, proudly builds their products from the ground up in St Louis Missouri.  MOXI distributes and showcases a variety of products from mattress overlays to full powered medical air mattresses.

Image 4ISO 13485:2016

*** Contact your medical equipment provider on purchasing MOXI manufactured and distributed products.

Company News

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August 21, 2018
Bed Entrapment, the FDA, and Long Term/Hospital Care.

FDA addresses bed rail entrapment. MOXI offers a solution with the PRotect You 2.

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August 16, 2018
GSA Advantage and our new FSS

Welcome to MOXI, the VA Network. Now purchasing thier medical overlays and mattresses via MOXI.

Disclaimer: MOXI Enterprises is the manufacturer of the Select Air and Fusion Medical Mattress Product Lines; the distributor for the Prius Enhance, Rhythm, and Salute Products. We do not sell directly to the customer nor do we work with insurance companies. Questions regarding which product you should be prescribed should be addressed to your doctor or medical team.