ROHO Announces Today

Effective Tuesday July 5, all orders from U.S. Providers for ROHO Medical Mattress Products will be supplied by MOXI Enterprises, LLC.. This includes orders for the ROHO DRY FLOATATION Mattress Overlay Systems, ROHO SOFFLEX2 Mattress Overlay System, ROHO SOFFLEX2 Mattress Replacement System, ROHO PRODIGY Mattress Overlay System and all replacement mattress sections.

In addition, all orders for MOXI manufactured mattress systems will be directly supplied by MOXI Enterprises. This includes the SelectAir Mattress Replacement System, SelectAir MAX Mattress Replacement System, HybridSelect Mattress Overlay, BariSelect Mattress Replacement System, Delux low air loss systems, Fusion XC Dynamic Dispersion Mattress Replacement System, Fusion 1K Dynamic Dispersion Mattress Replacement System and Fusion 2K Dynamic Dispersion Mattress Replacement System.

This business model consolidates the distribution of ROHO and MOXI medical mattresses products into a single-entity with a dedicated focus on the support surfaces market. This will allow you to have a single source company that can meet your full needs for the best-in-class powered and non-powered support surface products.

Beginning July 5, please direct your orders for ROHO and MOXI mattress products directly to MOXI Enterprises via phone (800.942.7678 or 314.771.5222) or email ( Orders for these products that are placed directly with ROHO will be transfered to MOXI Enterprises, which will contact you to confirm your order and pricing.

Rest assured that ROHO and MOXI will be working together during this period of transaction to make sure we continue to meet your expectations when it comes to customer service, promt delivery and quality products. Should we fail to live up to your expectations, please don't hesitate to contact either of us directly.

Sincerely, Tom Borcherding; President, ROHO Inc.
Gregg Garland; President/CEO MOXI Enterprises LLC.